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Service Guide Details


Abu Dhabi Business Centre Potential Investor eService

​Trade Name  Registration​

Procedure Steps:​

  • Visit the Information Center (reception) to obtain the necessary information and the trade name registration form, or call, or check our electronic services:
  • Filling a duly signed trade name registration form, with no less than 6 trade names in Arabic and English.
  • After obtaining all the required documents, visit any Customer Service Center or branch of the Department to submit the application.
All required documents shall be submitted as electronic copies in PDF format. Originals shall be presented for verification.

Required documents to issue the trade name:

  • Trade Name Registration Form duly signed
  • Copies of valid passports 
  • Copies of the Family Book of UAE citizens.
  • Copies of Valid Emirates ID Cards
  • Copies of signature authentication duly attested by the notary public.​

General Conditions:

  1. The trade name shall be translated transcripted in English and Arabic, i.e.:
    1. ( الصقر الذهبي للمقاولات –Al Saqer al thahbi contracting)
    2. ​​( جولدن فالكون للمقاولات –golden falcon contracting  )
  2. ​​The trade name shall be compatible with the type of activity and the legal form of the establishment.
  3. The trade name shall not include any punctuation i.e. (.. / ,, etc.)
  4. The trade name of a general partnership may contain the name of one or more partners or another trade name.
  5. The trade name of the commandite company may contain the name of one or more partners or another trade name related to the company's activity. It shall not include the name of the acting partner.
  6. The trade name of a limited liability company may contain the name of one or more partners or another trade name related to the company's activity and "L.L.C." shall be added to the name.
  7. The trade name of a public joint stock company or a private joint stock company may contain a name related to its activity and shall not include the name of a natural person. "public joint stock company" or "private joint stock company" shall be added to the name.
  8. the trade name of the establishment of which the license was cancelled may not be registered before one year from the date of cancellation.
  9. In case the trade name includes a excepted name, additional fees apply.

Trade Name that are not allowed to be registered:

  1. The trade names including the names of Allah, sectarian names, names of governing authorities, slogans of local, Arab or international entities, organizations and institutions.
  2. The trade name violating the public regulations and ethics.
  3. The trade name misleading the consumer, with regard to the type of trade, its importance, size etc…


  • All required documents shall be in Arabic language.
  • The License Application Form shall be submitted by the owner of the establishment or by a legally authorized representative.
  • The concerned persons must be at least 21 years of age.
  • The Department reserves the right to cancel the trade name in the event of similarity with existing trade names, or non-conformity with the prevailing terms and conditions.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.

Electronic Documents Conditions:

All the required documents shall be attached in a CD or a Flash Memory as follows:

  • The documents shall be in PDF format.
  • The copy shall be clear, neither dark nor bright.
  • The documents shall be labeled (Lease Agreement, Partnership Agreement…).
  • The average size of documents is 70 Kbytes.

Documents and papers shall be organized as follows:​

Docs En.jpg

Special Conditions:
Required Documents:

For applications follow up call: 800555– Email

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