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DED honors 44 companies for developing 2010 exports

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
On the sideline of its annual forum to communicate with industrialists in Abu Dhabi, the Department of Economic Development (DED) honored 44 departments from government's ministries, public authorities and private establishments and companies for their efforts to cooperate with the department to boost exports during 2010.H.E Mohammed Omar Abdullah, Undersecretary of the Department of Economic Development, delivered a speech during the honoring ceremony in which he said that the meeting has become an annual event that gathers the supporting and benefited companies together to discuss the services provided in developing exports. “This would achieve our mutual targets and visions for brighter future and distinguished presence for UAE products in regional and international markets,” he said.“Your attendance indicates your awareness in contributing to the success of the national economy and your support to the visions of the wise leadership in making the UAE economy as one of the most important and most effective economies on the world economic map.”H.E added that within its efforts to diversify the economy and depend more on non-oil sectors according to Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, the (DED) is planning to enhance the position of Abu Dhabi as a model for other world economies as an economy that is based on activating non-oil industries and, therefore, lessening the dependence on oil as the main source of national income and increasing the contribution of non-oil sectors in the GDP to more than 60% by 2030; export sectors form 11%. He noted that developing national exports and enhancing the competitiveness of local products in international markets is a national responsibility and that the private and public sectors should commit to it. Omar Abdullah noted that with the cooperation of public and private entities, the department was able to deliver more services to further export development such as awareness workshops, participations in local and international exhibitions and organizing local export delegations.Figures indicate an increase in the numbers of these services to eleven activities in 2010 from seven activities in 2009 with an increase rate of 57%. The number of participants in all activities was more than 1600 participants against 800 participants in 2009.H.E noted that the (DED) focused this year on promoting export in local and international exhibitions since they are the best means of increasing exports; it participated in six exhibitions this year against only two in the last year. The department used to focus on awareness workshops and forums in 2009. It presented the service of commercial delegations for the first time which witnessed distinguished success.The number of companies which received support from the department in all these activities increased by 157%; from 14 companies in 2009 to 36 in the current year. The department is looking forward to increase this growth rate in the coming years. The undersecretary said that the cooperation between the public establishments and the private sector has helped boost exports 53% in 2009.Omar Abdullah said that the 31st GCC Summit in Abu Dhabi, which was presided by H.H Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, stressed on overcoming all the obstacles that stand in the way of establishing a joint GCC market which can be one of the strongest economic forms. We will support this approach and we will work through specialized channels to overcome all the obstacles that hinder exports to the GCC markets. We started working on this issue since 2008 in order to free the movement of goods and to develop exports to GCC countries.He revealed that the department is about to launch a new center for developing exports in 2011. This center has become a necessity due to the initiatives the emirate of Abu Dhabi is witnessing. The revenues from exports increased 53% in 2009.He thanked all parties for their support of the efforts of the department which reflects their awareness in developing the promising industrial sector in the emirate within the frame of diversifying the income resources which is one of the goals set by Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.Dr Adeeb Al Afifi, the Director of Foreign Trade and Export Support at the Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi, stressed that the Department's participation is part of its initiatives to develop domestic industry and promote exports as main contributors to the emirate's GDP. It forms an ideal network platform for Abu Dhabi manufacturers to promote new or existing services and products to buyers in the UAE, the region, and the world.He added that diversifying the income resources is a national goal. The (DED) is paying hard efforts to realize the visions of the wise leadership of the country to establish a solid and competing economy that copes with the demands and needs of the future. Supporting national industries - especially exports, promoting them and marketing them in local, regional and international markets is a national obligation which needs all parties to shoulder their responsibilities to see them yield.He stressed that the future of the export sector in Abu Dhabi is promising. The government of Abu Dhabi is looking in its futuristic economic vision to enhance the chances in front of the private sector to participate in building the national economy.He said that participating in local and international exhibitions is part of the Department's plans to support local manufacturers and enable Abu Dhabi companies to communicate with international customers. This would reflect positively on the local industries through exchanging ideas and expertise. Within the frame of the department's awareness of applying policies of income diversification and lessening the dependence on oil, it supports export industries especially those industries that depend on local resources.In this regard, the (DED) is motivating and encouraging factories that focus on exporting industries, especially those factories which have previous exporting experiences, in order to increase the volume of their exports.The department encourages the implementation of new technologies to achieve more production rates, high quality and less expensive products. It also encourages factories to allocate production lines for export and support them in all means.Representatives from the participating parties from public authorities, factories and companies praised the initiatives of the DED which aim at expanding national exports, strengthening domestic products and enhancing competitiveness in local, regional and international markets. They praised the unlimited support of the department to Abu Dhabi industrialists within its framework of diversifying income resources as is set in Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.A discussion took place between the representatives in which they stressed the importance of supporting local industrialists and increasing the contribution of the industrial sector in the GDP considering it as one of the most important economic tribunes of the UAE in general and the emirate of Abu Dhabi in particular.In the course of the meeting, H.E Omar Abdullah and Dr Al Afifi answered the questions of the attendees.The department honored its strategic partners namely: The Ministry of Finance, ZonesCorp, Khalifa Fund for Projects Development, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, National bank of Abu Dhabi, HSBC Bank, COFACE Insurance and Towers Hamlins.The department also honored many cooperating companies namely: Barash gulf Company, Abu Dhabi Medical Services Medco, Emirates for Fine Industries, Emcan Electric Motors Manufacturing Company, Power System Enviromena, Al Shumoukh Companies Group, Exeed Industries, Al Mimart Industrial CO. L.L.C, Spectrum Glass Spectrum Light Blocks, Abu Dhabi National Paper LLC, Emcan, Certa, SuperTech, Creative Engineering for Lathing Metal Works, Vision furniture decoration, Emirates Bio Fertilizer Factory, Noukhada Adventure Company, Marble-Mart, La Roche, Coincs for Cartoon Paper, Superplast Factory, Fawala Trading, Emirates Vision Environmental Services, Al Khaznah Leather factory, Gulf Steel Industries, Abu Dhabi Cables Industries, Emirates Steel Wool Manufacturing Est, Al Ghurair Iron and Steel, Ducab, Events4Life and Reidin.
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