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Workshop on contractors’ classification prior to implementing new systems

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
under the auspices of His Excellency Mohamed Omar Abdulla, undersecretary of the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi, The Contractors Classification and Consultants Registration Division organized and conducted a workshop for facilitating the new classification instructions for both contractors, consulting offices and the engineer’s registry which were released on the 15th of this month. The workshop was attended by representatives from several parties including  governmental, semi governmental and financing agencies professionals who discussed the instructions which will take effect earlier next month. According to Mr. Khalid Abdullah Al Hosani, Acting Director of Contractors Classification and Consultants Registration : “These instructions are expected to promote the Construction industry by stressing on the quality requirements of contractors and consulting offices and promoting competency which will have positive impacts on the economics of this major industry while maintaining the integrity of the end product”. He emphasized that DED has completed the technical procedures for the application of the three systems related to contractors’ classification and classification of engineering consultancy offices, while the engineers registration is expected to be activated in the first quarter of 2011. Some of the main features of these systems are to encourage all entities working in the construction and contracting industry to obtain certificates of quality and occupational health and safety, and the need to have occupational insurance to cover errors of design and execution, in addition to raising the awareness of engineers about all systems related to building, urban planning and sustainability codes. They seek as well to improve the quality of engineering by setting rules for engineers registration. This, in turn, will encourage continued professional development for engineering staff and follow-up of career updates by attending courses, seminars and specialized workshops. It further encourages citizens to invest in the engineering consultancy sector by allowing national investors to own an engineering office without obtaining engineering qualifications, within specific rules. Developments in New Systems:- Increase of the estimated value for participation in the bidding.- Acceptance of totaling the different values of projects executed by the contractor and the consultant.- Contractors carrying out design and construction projects can be classified according to the same criteria used in the contractors classification, namely (financial status, technical staff working for the design and construction contractor and previous experience).- Registration of expert engineering firms specialized in providing engineering consultancy in subspecialties to other engineering consultancy firms and governmental and private entities when needed.
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