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UPC DED Unveils Commercial Signage Regulations

Sunday, February 12, 2012 News
Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) today unveils commercial signage regulations and a storefront policy to improve signage, building facades and limit the use of public space for equipment and storage. The commercial signage regulations, developed in close collaboration with the Department of Economic Development (DED), outline permitted commercial signage typologies, specifications, dimensions and position on a building.  The regulations help lay the foundations for the Emirate’s future vision and accord with the guiding principles of Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, which call for more liveable, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing public spaces across the Emirate in line with the Estidama guiding principles.  “The regulations are aimed at raising the standard and consistency of all permanent commercial signs across our Emirate and will apply to all permanent new and existing signage on buildings. It will limit the use of storefront windows, improving appearance while allowing for natural surveillance,” said Eng. Amer Al Hammadi, Director of Planning and Infrastructure at the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC). Mr. Fahad Al Nuaimi – Corporate Relation Director in the department hailed the UPC role in planning this policy which will help in the organization of the permits of commercial advertisement for the commercial shops  and consequently helps in improving the appearance of Abu Dhabi Emirate in accordance with the highest standards.Al Nuami also reiterated the commitment of  the Economic Development Department to implement improvement and development projects in the business environment in coordination with related Government Agencies and that is in accordance with the instructions of Abu Dhabi Emirate government which aim at achieving the goals of the economic vision of Abu Dhabi 2030; making Abu Dhabi among the best five government of the world.Moreover, Mr. Al Nuami indicated that the department will work with UPC and Abu Dhabi Municipality on implementing this significant project for all the cities of the Emirate, and a special consideration shall be given for the media campaign that will clarify the importance of this project to improve the general appearance of the Emirate and elevate the business environment.The regulations define specific signage zones based on the location of the business within the building and apply location and screening restrictions to air conditions and gas cylinders to improve safety and maximize public accessA commercial signage manual, has been prepared that outlines in full the building signage zones, permitted signs by type, signage regulations as well as other signage. Furthermore, the manual gives signage design guidelines to ensure that no sign or portion of a sign: covers an integral architectural element of a structure; obstructs views into and out of business premises; or advertises third party products.The regulations will ensure signage uniformity on buildings and that signage complements the building in order to convey a positive image of the building and business.  The UPC, along with its strategic partners and stakeholders, will implement the regulations while the Department of Economic Development (DED) will enforce commercial signage and storefront window coverage.
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