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Statistical Report on Trade Licenses in Abu Dhabi, 2011

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 News
Over 103,000 Valid Trade licenses in Abu Dhabi unitil late 2012 Al Mansouri: DED Seeks to Upgrade and Develop Programs, and Draw up Rules Governing the Labor Market in Abu Dhabi   The total number of valid trade licenses registered in the emirate of Abu Dhabi until late 2011 amounted to nearly 103,792. Out of this number, 62,747 were issued in Abu Dhabi, 30,363 in Al Ain and 10,682 in the Western Region. Mr. Mohamed Munif, Acting Executive Director of commercial affairs of DED, stated that based on the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, DED has developed a clear strategy to promote the business sector in a manner that shifts the Emirate of Abu Dhabi into a real attraction for investments and businessmen. He indicated that DED is acting to draw up rules, and develop programs, regulations and systems that govern the labor market and ensure implementation of the best practices in a manner that qualifies it to be rated among the top business entities in international competitive reports.    According to the trade statistical report of Abu Dhabi for the year 2011, the total number of steps and processes for trade licenses that were issued in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi last year amounted to 187,515. Of this number, 121,588 were issued in Abu Dhabi, 12,373 in the Western Region and 53,554 in Al Ain. This incorporated the issuing of new licenses and amending and canceling old ones, issuing replacements and levying different fines on offenders. In 2011, the DED in Abu Dhabi issued 17,575 new trade licenses, from which 12,417 licenses were issued in Abu Dhabi, 1602 in the Western Region and 3,556 in Al Ain. Mr. Mohamed Munif Al Mansouri said these figures emphasize the continual rise of demand on trade licenses in the past years, which reflects the extension and spread of the large trade market in Abu Dhabi in light of the urban expansion there. He added that this reflects the local and foreign businessmen and investors’ interest in acquiring favorable investment opportunities in Abu Dhabi thanks to the ideal administrative and legislative systems which are in line with the best international criteria and standards that enabled the Emirate to make tangible progress in international competitive reports.According to the report, 67,744 licenses were renewed from which 41,739 licenses were renewed in Abu Dhabi, 4420 in the Western Region and 21,585 in Al Ain. This, however, reflects businessmen’s growing interest and keenness to consolidate their trade activities in the Emirate, and their complete trust in all procedures and measures adopted by the Emirate towards ensuring an ideal business environment to the best interest of the society. The entire number of licenses issued for those wishing to change their activities in 2011 amounted to 33,725. Of this amount, 21,090 licenses were issued in Abu Dhabi, 2,840 in the Western Region and 9,795 in Al Ain.The General Director of DED Centers and Branches said that the majority of trade licenses amended last year reflected these companies’ interest in adding new trade activities to their already registered ones, which reflects the notable expansion of the activities of these companies and the remarkable success of their businesses. The statistics showed that nearly 4,620 licenses were cancelled last year. Of this number, 2,425 licenses were cancelled in Abu Dhabi, 310 license s in the Western Region and 1,885 in Al Ain. The majority of those licenses were issued for minor activities, whereas other licenses were not renewed during the past two years. As for the violations committed, the statistical report issued by the Department of Trade Licenses, DED’s Trade Affairs Sector, showed that in 2011, some 1,392 fines were levied on 874 offenders. Of this number, 150 fines were given in the Western Region and 368 in Al Ain.  Al Mansouri added that the reasons for imposing fines on trade licenses in Abu Dhabi varied from some companies doing unlicensed activities or violating the license and advertisement rules. Other fines were imposed as a result of commercial fraud, using places for purposes other than these mentioned in the licenses, or other reasons that are considered a violation of rules and the law.He added that such violations were monitored according to the law No. 2 of the year 2009 concerning the establishment of the Department of Economic Development, and the tasks and missions that aim to maintaining the business environment in Abu Dhabi in a manner that ensures that business the environment there is safe and that the rights of both trader and consumer are preserved. The trade license s’ statistics in Abu Dhabi in 2011 showed that 12,869 licenses and advertisements were issued during that year. Out of this number, 9,167 were issued in Abu Dhabi, 125 in the Western Region and 3,577 in Al Ain. According to the trade license s issued in Abu Dhabi last year, the licenses were for vocational, trade, occupational, industrial, agricultural, fishery, livestock-related and creative activities.The data also showed that new 455 vocational licenses were issued, whereas 16,364 other licenses were renewed in 2011. Moreover, 9,976 new licenses were issued, 49,177 licenses were renewed , 108 new occupational licenses were issued, and 2,223 were renewed. The year 2011 witnessed an increase in the total number of creative licenses, as 23 new licenses were issued, whereas 46 licenses were renewed. As for the agricultural and livestock-related licenses, only four licenses were renewed last year.
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