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SCAD and DED Sign a Service Level Agreement

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD) Abu Dhabi Economic Development (DED) signed, Thursday a service level agreement (SLA) supporting joint cooperation and data exchange between the two sides. The SLA was signed at the premises of the Centre by HE Mohammed Omar Abdullah, Under Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and HE Butti Ahmed Mohammed Bin Butti Al Qubaisi, Director of Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi. A number of executive directors and seniors officials from the two sides were present during the signing ceremony. HE Mohammed Omar Abdullah, Under Secretary of the Department of Economic Development, welcomed the provisions of the SLA, expressing his confidence that the agreement would have a significant impact in supporting the DED’s work with accurate data in the department’s efforts to develop the economic sector across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in line with Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. He pointed out that access to reliable data responds to the actual needs of investment decision makers, especially those targeted by the emirate’s investment promotion plans, for whom accurate data represents and indicator of the transparency policy pursued by the Abu Dhabi. The DED Undersecretary remarked that the signing of this agreement secures the data the DED needs to build and strategic plans and compile its related reports and studies. For his part HE Butti Ahmed Mohammed Bin Butti Al Qubaisi, Director of Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi, commended the signing of this SLA, adding that it would be extremely beneficial in upgrading economic statistics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in ways conducive to the development of the economic sector and to the overall development of its services. He further added that the center is the authorized agency responsible for collection, classification, storage, analysis and dissemination of official statistics and the release of the results of social, demographic, economic, environmental and cultural, surveys in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. SCAD’s Director General renewed the Centre's commitment to full cooperation with all local government entities in the conduct of statistical research and the overall development of the emirate’s statistical system. The two sides pointed out that the signed SLA will help obviate the duplication of statistical work at the level of Abu Dhabi Emirate and to promote the use of high quality and consistent statistics by policy-makers and the general public. Since the ultimate goal of the SLA is to enhance, support and manage the collaboration between the parties, the agreement identifies the forms such cooperation will take. The two sides asserted that the SLA is entered into without prejudice to the respective competencies of the Parties as may be outlined in the law or in their respective articles of incorporation. These competencies include, but are not limited to, the right of SCAD to conduct statistical surveys or to run other statistical work within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi at its own discretion. Under this SLA each party undertakes to provide the other party with the statistics it has available on the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The sender of data is also expected to notify the receiving party on any subsequent major revisions. The two sides also agreed to review and adopt a common set of standards for the data to be exchanged, including, for example, data format standards, semantic standards, statistical concepts and data structure definitions. The agreement stresses the need on the part of both sides to check and ensure the correctness, confidentiality and secure electronic transmission of shared data. The agreement gives SCAD access to the DED’s local database, such as the commercial license database, field survey bank and economic forecasting models. The DED will also provide SCAD with all of its reports, studies and economic and human development indicators immediately upon their release. Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi's reiterated its keenness to cooperate with the DED on improving data collection mechanisms, recording of proper metadata related to any given class of information that can help in any search, interpretation, or processing of the data itself, such as metadata pertaining to population statistics, geographic coverage, sampling, classifications, reference time, methodologies, questionnaires, backgrounds and the scope of work and other topics. On the other hand SCAD will provide the DED with templates that will facilitate data collections and metadata recording. The templates provided by SCAD will enable the DED to establish, maintain and make available to SCAD a registry of all its data collections together with the metadata pertaining to each class of the data collected. As the SLA takes effect, SCAD will provide the DED with all the available statistical indicators related to Abu Dhabi’s Key Official Statistics. The Centre will promptly analyze DED’s requests and seek to meet them within thirty days. SCAD’s support may also include definition of target populations, samples, questionnaires or any other form of support in the execution of the field work, including assistance in the analysis and tabulation and dissemination of the statistical data and the associated reports. SCAD added also that the collaboration agreed on under the SLA signed between the two parties includes joint development of publications related to  economic statistics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, joint participation in events, workshops or meetings with other government departments to discuss issues concerning economic statistics or any future statistical studies, cooperation and exchange of experiences, ideas and best practices in all areas of activity in order to strengthen and improve the work and business performance of DED and SCAD, in addition to the additional exchange of information, research and data that may be available for either of the parties and invitation for participation in workshops, courses and training courses organized by the other party. The SLA covers the prospective collaboration between SCAD and the DED in the execution of the Innovation Survey under the sponsorship of the Government of Abu Dhabi. SCAD will be responsible for the field work associated with the execution of the survey. The Parties will meet together to agree on the details of the work related to the Innovation Survey.
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