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Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development Organizes 3 Workshops for Employees

Wednesday, May 04, 2011
Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED) organized three internal workshops for more than 100 employees. Those workshops, conducted by the Directorate of Strategic Planning and Performance Management as part of strategic awareness programme, focused on the Department’s mission, vision, values, and its mandate in relation to Abu Dhabi 2030 Economic Vision, Abu Dhabi Five Year Plan, and DED’s 2011-2015 Strategy. Noura Al Hosani, Director of Strategic Planning and Performance Management, highlighted that those events centred on how DED will be instrumental in attaining Abu Dhabi 2030 Economic Vision via achieving customers satisfaction and optimizing communication channels with its key partners such government entities, local and international business communities, and the public. Al Hosani also stated that the workshops brought into centre stage the element of DED’s strategic roadmap which aims to achieve rapid and sustainable growth for Abu Dhabi’s GDP by expanding business base, diversifying economic activities, merging with the global economy, up-scaling competitiveness, attracting highly skilled employees, whilst keeping inflation rate and financial system in the Emirate stable.  “Those workshops showed how DED is gearing up to achieve a more competitive business environment by streamlining internal procedures and processes, promoting better economic policies and legislations, and protecting businesses and consumers alike”, she said. “Attendees were briefed on DED’s trends and responsibilities to thrive Abu Dhabi’s economy. This will be achieved through supporting the private sector, focusing on industries set forward by Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, driving export sector, establishing stronger international business ties with targeted partners, whilst achieving economic sustainability by building knowledge-based, diversified and balanced economy”, she added. Highlighting how those workshops are instrumental to build an excellent government entity, Al Hosani said, “Leadership, trust, teamwork, cooperation, and customer- centric approach were discussed during those workshops. Attendees were acknowledged on how building capabilities and work skills actively, preparing strategy of change, developing technologies and databases are key elements in supporting decision making and promoting financial management  and operational capabilities of DED.” “Workshops also provided employees with know-how on DED’s mission to lead Abu Dhabi’s economic agenda to achieve a more balanced, diversified, sustainable knowledge-based economy that promotes competitiveness internationally, and ensure long-term prosperity for the Emirate”, Al Hosani concluded.
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