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Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development Launches Customers Services Survey

Saturday, January 22, 2011
Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED), has launched an integrated customers’ survey. This initiative, which aims to help DED get feedback from its customers, was announced during a special DED-hosted event which was attended by the Undersecretary, HE Mohamed Omar Abdullah, some executive directors, managers of directorates, head of sections, and DED’s employees. Inaugurating this ceremony, the DED’s Undersecretary highlighted the importance of this project and how it is rooted in the Strategic Priorities of the Departments, especially with regards to customers’ satisfaction and communications outreach channels. “This survey, which challenges the Department with the task of defining customers, their needs, expectations, and satisfaction of our services, embodies the DED’s vision and its endevours to be world-class and customer-centric entity whilst enabling us to support Abu Dhabi’s sustainable economic development. Those services include the provision of studies, research and economic plans, reviewing economic policies and legislations and follow up their implementations, licensing industrial, commercial and services establishments, embarking on local and overseas promotional campaigns and exhibitions, and business and consumer protection and following up with any complaints”, he added. HE stressed that the DED aims to embark on a large number of surveys that centres on five key groups: related government entities, local business community, international business community, Abu Dhabi residents, and employees. “Those surveys will be implemented through various channels such as on-site or over the phone interviews, online questionnaire, and mystery shopper programme. It is expected that each survey is implemented in various rounds to ensure procedures for development and progress are set and their level of activity can be then gauged. We aim to implement the mystery shopper programme through several rounds that cover all DED’s branches to document what customers face before, during and after service delivery. The DED plans to manipulate this programme to raise the bar of interaction and communications with customers, facilitate data gain, clarify and expedite service delivery, measure facilities provided, as well as method of dealing with complaints and enquiries”, HE explained.  “Such a project is in line with the DED’s endevours to implement standards of Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance by measuring opinion indexes of customers, employees and the community”, HE concluded. The specialized company undertaken with this project, Ara Marketing Research and Consultancy, the specialized company, will conduct the survey using state-of-the-art poll tools and techniques to help boost customer service standards and support DED’s policies and strategies in this respect.
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