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Abu Dhabi DED IssuesSustainability Report for 2010

Tuesday, July 05, 2011
The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Abu Dhabi issued its Sustainability Report for the year 2010 which showed a remarkable improvement in both the environmental social impact index, with emphasis laid on the department's endeavor to keep the operation costs of different services in balance.  In the report preface, H.E. Nasser Al-Suwaidi, DED Chairman, stated that the department, in coordination with all partners in both the public private sector, is acting to achieve the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 plan in a way that ensures sustainable development throughout the diversification of the production sectors reconstruction of these sectors on the grounds of creativity innovation. His Excellency indicated that DED's philosophy of achieving sustainable development relies on creating a competitive business environment by ensuring a sustainable environment for business, developing consumer protection policies, promoting policies economic legislations up to the best international standards, and facilitating different services. He added that DED is keen on updating economic policies legislations in coordination with federal and domestic government bodies as well as relevant bodies in the private sector. He stressed that DED is keenness on raising business competitiveness achieving economic growth by assisting towards the growth of the private focusing on the targeted sectors, as stipulated by the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 plan. His Excellency the DED Chairman added that the prospected economic growth in the targeted sectors will act as a major stimulant towards attaining sustainable development by undertaking a diverse a balanced economic activity, and adopting the principles of economic knowledge in a manner that raises the value-added principle, backs revenues increases the GNP. Concluding the report's preface, His Excellency Nasser Al-Suwaidi, the DED Chairman, stressed DED's commitment to issuing the Sustainability Report periodically in a manner that reflects its efforts exerted to show DED's financial, environmental social contributions, and at the same time, meets the requirements of all partners. For his part, H.E. Mohammed Omar Abdullah, DED Undersecretary, emphasized in the report that DED is fully committed to backing sustainable development in Abu Dhabi via partnership with its strategic partners the concerned authorities, namely Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group, something that ensured a comprehensive framework of interaction between government bodies private sector corporations in order to unify direct all efforts towards achieving common goals. His Excellency Mohamed Omar Abdullah added that DED sought to present an advanced model by raising its financial operations' effectiveness by reconsidering the mechanisms of issuing trade licenses using the world's best systems techniques, which will be reflected on the operation cost in the medium long-run. He added that DED, in its exploitation of its internal resources, focuses on undertaking various development operations with the aim of spreading knowledge boosting the personnel's efficiency. His Excellency Mohamed Omar Abdullah indicated that the Sustainability Report is important for analyzing internal as well as external environmental impacts from the financial, social environmental aspects, pointing out to the benefits which DED have derived from its reports from which it managed to update its policies strategies. H.E. indicated that DED's second Sustainability Report is considered an additional document that is significant to analyzing internal external environmental impacts from the financial, social and environmental aspects. He stated that DED will act to derive benefits from all results to analyze its policies strategies in line with the indicators of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 plan. The report focused on DED's most important accomplishments in the major pivots incorporated in the strategic plan 2011 – 2015; these included customers, competitive business environment, economic growth, economic sustainability distinguished corporation. He indicated that regarding the Customer Pivot, a new website for DED was launched, the new Corporate Identity was prepared applied, and promotional campaigns such as the Trade Swindle Exhibition launching a new system for the classification of contractors, and others were all put in place, apart from a project to conduct a poll among beneficiaries. Regarding the competitive business Environment Pivot, the report pointed out that work started with a project to improve performance with the aim of promoting the standard of the services provided. Besides, coordination was facilitated with over 50 federal government domestic bodies for updating economic policies legislations. Regarding the economic Growth Pivot, the report indicated that the department is acting to launch a new strategy for the private sector in order to get to know its requirements means and ways of backing it. In addition, a set of programs that focus on the targeted industries were accomplished in accordance with the five-year economic plan initiatives, and the Industrial Strategy, and the Development of the Western the Eastern Province Strategies. As for the Sustainability Pivot, the report stated that there has been interaction with all strategic partners with regards to the preparation of the economic plan i.e. the Environment Authority, the Executive Affairs Authority, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce Industry, Abu Dhabi Seaports Co., Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones, Abu Dhabi Education Council, the Population Structure Committee and other economic sectors in Abu Dhabi. Finally, the report touched upon the Distinguished Corporation Pivot by indicating to a large number of training programs for the department's personnel, especially with regards to developing leadership skills. Standard procedures were completed in the Department of Environment, Health Safety, and now the department is ready to acquire the ISO 14001 the OHSAS 18001. The Sustainability Report 2010 touched upon the environmental impact by revealing that the department undertook a program to recruit local cadres in place of expatriates in a rate higher than all other government institutions in Abu Dhabi, as 86% of the labor force now are natives of the UAE, whilst 34% of the women labor force are natives. The department undertakes developing the skills of employees by holding intense training courses, as 96% of the training plan for the year 2010 has been accomplished.   The report emphasized the department's need for establishing contact with the society through the Social Responsibility Team, which participated in different campaigns, i.e. blood donation, aiding children of special needs, maintaining the environment, etc. The report stated that the department won the Abu Dhabi Prize for Social Responsibility for the second year in a row, as well as the Golden Shield of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, as part of the national project of integrating those of special needs. In addition, the Social Responsibility Team won an award shield from the Minister of Labor in appreciation of the department's participation in Al-Gisr program for the physically retarded. As for the environmental impact field, the report stated that the department received international certificates in environment management systems, health safety, which was reflected positively on the sensible decrease in the consumption rates of electricity, water paper.
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