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DED registered 2161 new licenses and renewed other 17,866 licenses

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 News
Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED) issued its quarterly first report for the commercial licenses in Abu Dhabi. The number of new commercial licenses registered in Abu Dhabi this year is 2161 licenses during the first quarter of 2012, bringing the total number of commercial licenses registered in the emirate to 105,953 licenses.Commercial Affair Sector in Abu Dhabi Development Department (DED) issued 768 new licenses in January, 708 licenses in February and 685 licenses last March according to the quarterly first report of 2012, issued by Commercial Affair Sector concerning commercial transactions activities.Mr. Mohamed Munif Al Mansouri, Acting  Executive Director of Commercial Affairs Sector ,emphasized the continual rise of commercial activities at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, reflecting the growing desire for investors and businessmen  either citizens or foreigners  to obtaining available opportunities offered by the business environment in Abu Dhabi.He stated that these commercial activities are not limited only to entry of new activities in to Abu Dhabi market, but also businessmen express their keenness   to renew and expand their business activities in the emirate, where the total number of business licenses renewed during the first quarter about 17,866 licenses, which reflects the confidence and climate appropriate to their business activities in Abu Dhabi.He added that Abu Dhabi's Vision 2030 was the very foundation of a clear strategy for DED to improve business and make Abu Dhabi a hub for investment and businesses through plans, programs and regulations that govern the labor market and ensure the implementation of best practices in order to enable Abu Dhabi to be among the top business destinations on the international competitiveness reports.DED’s report also shows the legal frame of commercial licenses for the first quarter of 2012 with individual companies at the top, 1576 licenses issued and 11855 renewed. Limited liability companies came second with a total of 424 licenses issued, and 3738 renewed. As a sign of companies’ interest to expand in Abu Dhabi, DED issued in first quarter  report  of commercial licenses activities increasing in proportion of local and  foreign companies, 161 licenses for new branches in Abu Dhabi have been issued, and 2113  branches renewed in Abu Dhabi ,Alain and Western Region as Almansouri stated.The report pointed out registering of 7 new Public Shareholder companies and renewing commercial activity to 23 branches of new Public Shareholder companies and 14 Private Shareholder Company during the first quarter of 2012.  The report clarified one new commercial activity represented by Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society, two other activities renewed during the first quarter of 2012, while 5 new solidarity companies lisences are  registered  and  89 licenses were renewed .DED’s report  monitored   continuous  increasing  of commercial  license activities issued in the first quarter of 2012 about 2086 new  licenses  and  13345 renewed ,  followed by  43 vocational new licenses issued and 3957 renewed and finally 9 professional  licenses were issued   and 559 renewed . The report also monitored transactions activity in Abu Dhabi, Alain and the Western Region which is amounted to 48732 transactions incorporated the issuing of  trade names, new licenses, amending and canceling old ones, issuing permissions, replacements ,  initial approvals and levying different fines on offenders besides  newspaper advertising .The total commercial transactions activity was divided to 31990 transactions in Abu Dhabi, 13036 transactions in Alain and 3707 transactions in the Western Region. The total licenses’ cancelations were amounted to 606 cancelations and divided to 374  cancelations in Abu Dhabi , 292 cancelations  in Alain and 40 cancelations in the Western Region .Regarding this matter, Mr. Mohamed Munif Al Mansouri,  Acting Executive Director of Commercial Affairs Sector, clarified that  commercial licenses were cancelled  either for being deactivated and not to be renewed or to be cancelled directly upon  owners of licenses .As for the violations committed, the statistical report showed that in first quarter of 2012, 862 violations were levied on offenders. Of this number, 643 violations in Abu Dhabi, 119 violations in Alain and 100 violations in Western Region. Al Mansouri added that the reasons for imposing fines on trade licenses in Abu Dhabi varied from some companies doing unlicensed activities or violating the license and advertisement rules. Other fines were imposed as a result of commercial fraud, using places for purposes other than these mentioned in the licenses, or other reasons that are considered a violation of rules and the law.Finally, concerning issuing and renewing commercial licenses in three regions of Abu Dhabi, the report showed that Abu Dhabi city was the first with commercial licenses transactions with 1304 new licenses  issued and  10990 renewed , Alain was the second with 446 new licenses  issued and 5460 renewed and finally the Western Region with 282  new licenses issued and 1326 renewed.
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