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DED invites the public to go to Motor World city for buying and selling used cars

Monday, June 04, 2012
Abu Dhabi on June 4 The Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi(DED) Called on the interested public who would like buying and selling used cars to go to Motor World  city in Alshamekha district in Abu Dhabi, where all the car exhibitions located in the island of Abu Dhabi  and specifically in the Airport Road to transfer completely  to the  new  exhibitions where they will  receiving new customers. Mr. Mohamed Munif Al Mansouri,Acting  Executive Director of commercial affairs Sector  said that DED carried out inspection campaign , starting on  last Saturday,  to make sure that  car exhibitions mentioned above  moving permanently to Motor  World city  in implementation of the issued by decision by DED. He pointed out that DED had instructed all licensed cars exhibitions in Abu Dhabi  island  must move outside  the island ,specifically to Phase 1 of the Motor World ,pointing out that DED  will issue licenses to the exhibitions that would move to the designated areas before the expiry of the deadline. He explained that according to designed plan to transfer cars  exhibitions to the new location area  in Alshamekha district , Commercial Affairs Sector visited the  exhibitions  in Airport Road in order to check the latest developments in the process of transition after the expiration of the deadline on May 31 , for all cars exhibitions . Al Mansouri said that  all car exhibitions owners had been directing, who did not sing  rent contracts to reserving their new exhibitions locations  which are amounted to 26 exhibitions  in the first phase of Motor World city , received warning that all exposed cars  and their commercial sings. He added that DED has put forth a number of options for the exhibitions. The most notable of these options is that the project current activity must change to the truck and bus trade activity, then the exhibition must move to Almussfah industrial zone ,or the exhibition activity can be changed to any other commercial activity that commensurate with the trade activities along the Abu Dhabi International Airport  road ,provided that the exhibitions trade license is suspended for two years, and the project owners depart from their current location and remove the advertisement or banners they may have put up there.    .  Al Mansouri praised  the response to the owners of exhibitions with the decision of DED to transfer exhibitions to Motor World city outside the island of Abu Dhabi, which had a large impact on their contribution in maintaining the appearance of the city and activating  DED’s vision in developing    activity of buying and selling used cars in their new location in in Alshamekha. In  its turn, AlDar  Real estate company stressed  providing  all the necessary services to  relocate cars exhibitions to the first phase of Motor World, which facilitates the exercise of its business and receive on a daily customers, noting that there are many exhibitions started to open its doors to visitors and  public. It is noteworthy that 100% of the Motor World ,total being 177.have already been rented .Motor World has been constructed at an area of 3 million square meters ,and is located to the south west of Abu Dhabi International Airport in Alshamekha district. The Motor World project will provide a park for nearly 2700 cars ,something that will ease the current traffic jams in Abu Dhabi .The project will also contribute to emptying the areas currently occupied by the car exhibitions in the Abu Dhabi island . Apart from this , the project will initiate a new stage  whereby Abu Dhabi will shift into a major regional center for such a trade.  AlDar will act to provide the project when completed ,with services facilities such as banks ,insurance ,restaurants,cafes and praying rooms .
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