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DED and HCT sign agreement to boost Cooperation

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
The Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi, Signed a joint cooperation agreement with the Higher Colleges of Technology to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of training and development of students and graduates to prepare them for the labor market and prepare them for working career, which will contribute to creating groups of best trained distinctive citizens.The agreement was signed on the behalf of the Department of Economic Development by HE Mohammed Omar Abdullah, Undersecretary of the Department and by the HCT Vice Chancellor Dr. Tayeb Kamali, in the presence of a number of officials from both sidesHis Excellency Mohammed Omar Abdullah, Undersecretary said that this agreement comes within the functions and responsibilities of the Department of Economic Development to propose and prepare economic policies and plans, and create a business environment attractive to citizens, in cooperation with government departments and stakeholders at the local and federal levels. Mohammed Omar pointed out that the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi's envisaged the Department with task of achieving the economic vision of the Emirate of 2030, hence the Department focuses through its strategic plans on qualifying, attracting and developing capabilities of the best talented citizens as they constitute the main pillar in achieving the goals and priorities set by the future vision.HE the Undersecretary commended the role of HCT in educating and graduating                     citizens and preparing them to join the labor market, and its stance as one of the most important academic, educational and professional institutions in the State, which contribute to meeting the demand of the labor market in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in various educational disciplines and professions.The Undersecretary said that the Department of Economic Development received in 2011 more than 90 HCT and university student trainees 45 of whom were summer trainees, 38 college students, and 7 high school students. The Department also received more than 45 students for training and rehabilitation within their relevant specializations and competencies, in a number of its sectors and sections. HCT Vice Chancellor Dr. Tayeb Kamali, in hailed the level of cooperation and continuous coordination between the HCT and the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi, stressing the role of HCT as a major partner of the government which receives yearly many graduates for summer training to help in rehabilitation and upgrading of their professional skills.Dr. Kamali, said that graduating qualified national cadres for the labor market tops HCT priorities, as well as raising the level of education on continuous basis to meet the requirements of the labor market, through the development of performance and skills of graduates during the summer training in the public and private sectors; pointing out that this agreement comes as an embodiment of the successful cooperation and coordination between the Department of Economic Development and HCT.The two sides agreed on cooperation and coordination in the development of appropriate training programs to train graduates before graduation and assess their capabilities during the training period, as this will give the Department the opportunity to choose the best trainees for recruitment. This will also enable the Department to keep records of the best graduate trainees for filling vacancies available. Both sides agreed to enhance communication between them by providing the Department with electronic newsletters and releases of HCT most important activities and events, in addition to the participation of HCT students in the Department’s internal and external economic, social, environmental, recreational and sports and national events. Agreement also stated that HCT shall organize training and scientific rehabilitation programs for the Department staff, and open the way for employees of the Department to take scientific courses relevant to their to their specialization in the Department, in addition to offering the opportunity to the Department staff to special subscribing to services available at the Higher Colleges of Technology.According to the agreement the Department of Economic Development will conduct studies and economic research and exchange of experiences with HCT and involve HCT in the organization of conferences and various workshops, and in the preparation of professional specialized development programs for engineers training and rehabilitation, and acquainting graduates with the Department’s current Engineers Registration.A joint committee will be formed to follow-up mechanism and procedures for implementing the terms of this agreement; as well as the joint activities and programs between the two sides.
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