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DED Organizes Gathering for 15 Contracting Companies Operating in Abu Dhabi

Monday, February 20, 2012
The Contractors and Consultants Classification, and Engineers Registration Office of the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi (DED) organized an open gathering in the Department's headquarters for representatives of at least 15 classified and unclassified contracting companies operating in Abu Dhabi in the presence of representatives of the UAE Contractors Association. During the meeting, terms and conditions of the Contractors’ Classification System II for the year 2009 and the proposed amendments to be approved by authorities were fully discussed.  The meeting also highlighted some statistical reports on the numbers of classified companies under different categories as well as unclassified companies, and the obstacles which a contractor may face with regard to the classification issue in particular, and the contracting sector in general. DED officials discussed with the representatives of the contracting companies the major challenges which the contracting companies operating in Abu Dhabi face, in a bid to identify their requirements now that one year has elapsed since the new contractors classification rules and regulations were enforced. Such regulations have clearly defined the classification criteria and measures that are based on a company's expertise as well as its financial and technical potential. Engineer Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Burkani, Director of the Contractors and Consultants Classification and Engineers Registration Office, said that enforcing the new classification systems have contributed to modifying the conditions of several construction firms and the engineering consultancy offices in line with the technical, legal and administrative changes required in the upcoming period, which is expected to witness continual construction development across Abu Dhabi. He indicated that such a gathering reflects DED's keenness to establish contact with its strategic partners to fulfill joint targets towards the development and promotion of the construction sector in Abu Dhabi. Al-Burkani added that the fixed rate of the number of construction companies registered in Abu Dhabi until late 2011 is a clear evidence of the economic growth and the sound economic climate in Abu Dhabi. This, in turn, reflects the success made by the Abu Dhabi government with regard to attracting companies and investments to Abu Dhabi, especially in the area of construction. Al-Burkani indicated that the aggregate number of classified and unclassified companies in Abu Dhabi until late 2011 was 6123 companies. Of this number, 358 companies were classified according to the new system, whilst the number of companies classified according to the old system was 1482 companies. Thus, the total number of classified construction companies in Abu Dhabi amounts to 1840, whereas the unclassified companies amounts to 4283 companies during the year 2011. During the meeting, Mr. Ahmed Khalaf Al Mazroui, Deputy Chairman of the UAE Contractors Association and Head of the Association’s Office in Abu Dhabi, discussed the major technical and administrative requirements of contracting companies, especially those related to project implementations, bidding mechanisms and hiring laborers towards meeting the classification criteria as well as implementing major projects. Al Mazroui highly valued the efforts exerted by DED in Abu Dhabi towards promoting and developing the construction sector in Abu Dhabi, pointing out that such meetings will contribute to opening closed doors between companies and government entities and will help solve problems and remove the obstacles hindering the progress of this sector.
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