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DED Imposed 3,988 Fines and closed 189 shops during 50,000 Field Visits

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
According to the quarterly report of the Commercial Protection Division, DED’s Commercial Affairs Sector,  3,912 fines were   registered by Inspection and Monitor Section around the city of Abu Dhabi; 2,696 violations were registered in Abu Dhabi which amounts to 68% of all violations, 528 violations in Mussafah or 15% of all violations, Alain came third with 382 violations which amounts to12%  of all violations followed by the Western Region with 170 violations or 7% of all violations and Al Wathba with 123 violations and finally Al Shahama with 13 violations.In its latest annual report, the Commercial Protection Division registered more than 62 kinds of wrong practices made by the owners of commercial activities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and therefore more than 8435 violation reports were registered against the offenders in 2011.The most predominant violations included practicing a commercial activity without a license or without obtaining the necessary license and practicing a business activity without having a premise for the business. Mr. Mohamed Munif Al Mansouri, acting Executive Director of Commercial Affairs stressed DED’s keenness to provide an ideal business environment in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi within the framework set by the Law No. 2 of 2009 concerning the DED as it specified the tasks and responsibilities it had to shoulder as that would make Abu Dhabi free from all the negative phenomena that could have a negative impact on businesses whereas DED’s role would also ensure protection of consumer and trader’s rightsHe added that Abu Dhabi's Vision 2030 was the very foundation of a clear strategy for DED to improve business and make Abu Dhabi a hub for investment and businesses through plans, programs and regulations that govern the labor market and ensure the implementation of best practices in order to enable Abu Dhabi to be among the top business destinations on the international competitiveness reports.As part of the implementation of the resolutions issued by DED’s chairman, H.E Nasser Ahmed Alsuwaidi and related to the transfer of business activities outside the island of Abu Dhabi, and in a joint initiative with Abu Dhabi Council for Urban Planning and the Municipality of Abu Dhabi to preserve the general appearance of the city, DED drew up a comprehensive plan for the transfer of business activities related to cars and construction material stores.DED quarterly report pointed out that Commercial Protection Division closed 186 stores which were applicable for transition, showing that some shop owners had to change their business activities in line with the official decisions. Commercial Protection Division  also closed 7 stores for various violations committed in by different businesses such as  massage centers, groceries and tailor shops which violated the regulations of business activity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the Divison also referred 26 violations to prosecution to exercise commercial activity without license and permission from DED  according to Article 6 of DED’s bylaws which stipulated either imprisonment for a term not less than three months and not  more than one year, or a fine not less than (AED 40,000) and not more than (AED 10,0000). The report stressed that Commercial Protection Divisions' inspectors carrying out the objective of education and guidance during their duties in the field visits, whether to clients or investors to familiarize them with regulations and laws through direct field meetings or brochures in Arabic, Urdu and English in addition to exhibitions which are organized annually. The report mentioned also that the electronic system of inspectors is distinguished by monitoring and sending SMS to violator illustrating the kind violation he made, in addition to sending results of inspection electronically.        Mr. Mohammed Rashid Al Rumaithi, Director of Commercial Protection Division, stated that DED activated and developed the complaints system, helping to increase the proportion of the interaction between the DED and the consumers, and thereby achieved DED’s Vision which focuses on customers and is characterized by its efficiency to enable and support sustainable economic development of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.According to the report, DED received 674 complaints from the public during the first quarter of this year, and the Department of Inspection and Control resolved 153 complaints while the Consumer Protection Division resolved around 521 complaints.Al Rumaithi pointed out that the Department of Consumer Protection received 111 complaints about high prices and 202 complaints about poor post-sales service and 143 complaints about commercial fraud and 89 complaints about poor service while the other complaints were referred to the Ministry of Economy and the Trademarks and Commercial Agencies Division received 30 complaints.The report of the Department of Commercial Protection Division showed that the number of field visits made by the Consumer Protection Division in the first quarter reached 5740 visits following complaints received from consumers and customers. The Division also approved of a price list for 45 commodities and services provided by women's and men's salons with total violations of 76 violations with 30 violations committed in Abu Dhabi and 46 in Al Ain.The director of the Commercial Protection Division stressed that 99% of all complaints received by DED were dealt with and they were resolved in a manner that appealed to customers and that was in accordance with the established laws and regulations on consumer protection and this reflects DED's role in fighting all the negative phenomena that affect the business environment in the Emirate.The report pointed out that the Trademarks and Commercial Agencies Division carried out 2 judicial impoundments, in addition to the confiscation of 1267 counterfeit commodities and fake 1251 cosmetics and skin care and hair products.
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