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Abu Dhabi Ramadan-Barza and Quality Infrastructure (QI) Concept

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Councilhas organized, at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, a special session entitled “Quality Infrastructureand its contribution to the achievement of the Economic Vision 2030”. This took place within Abu Dhabi Ramadan-Barza events organized by the Department of Economic Development, with the participation of Abu Dhabi statistics Center and Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company as well as a number of government and semi-government bodies in the emirate of Abu Dhabi,in coordination with Code Red Event Management. In the presence of H.E Mohamed Omar Abdullah, Undersecretary of the Department of Economic Development, Eng. Hussein Salem Al Kathiri, Secretary-General of the Council, said in a welcome speech to the session events, that ADQCC was established as a hub initiative from the Department of Economic Development. Such initiative aimed at reflecting the vision of our wise leadership represented by H.H. Gen. SheikhMohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council. In such a way, the Council will effectively contribute to the achievement of the Economic Vision 2030, which aims at building an open, diversified and knowledge-based economy. Abu Dhabi will then become a pioneer of international high-tech industries, commerce, and investment. The Council’s Secretary-General also explained that openness to world markets required the establishment of ADQCC as the developer of quality infrastructure,so as to ensure the quality of products and goods imported from abroad, and their compliance with the locally and internationally adopted specifications. Al Kathiri added that the Council has performed its function at the end of last year, as per a partnership and empowerment principle-driven strategy, along with the local bodies and departments engaged in such activities requiring quality and conformity standards and specifications to be ensured and enhanced in different economic and service sectors in Abu Dhabi. Based on such principle, we are positive that, though ourcontinuous cooperation and communication, we will manage to meet the relevant needs, given our achievements within this short-term period of time. In fact, a number of strategically important services were launched for the public and private sectors on the one side and for consumers on the other side.  He went on to say that the quality infrastructure nature and level of progress, from specifications and standards to theadoption and market survey, directly affects the economic and industrial competitiveness level and results in protecting consumers in all advanced economies worldwide. Quality infrastructure performs a fundamental role in enhancing the interaction with the global economy and the international commerce. Al Kathiri pointed out that the priorities of Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 economic plan require the Council to contribute in developing an open and efficient business environment capable of global economic interaction, as well as to build a strong and modern infrastructure contributing to the economic growth and to the competitiveness of Abu Dhabi as one of the most rapid-growth economies in the region. Many have expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Department of Economic Development, for granting the Council the opportunity to participate in such Ramadan gathering that enhances communication among the government and non-government departments and establishments. Welcome to all participants in this important session which is the perfect occasion to introduce ADQCC, its objectives and role in achieving and developing the necessary abilities so as to realize Abu Dhabi Vision 2030. To close his speech, Eng. Hussein Al Kathiri, ADQCC’s Secretary-General has announced a number of objectives the Council seeks to achieve in the future phase. Such objectives included the development of the quality technical infrastructure and the protection of consumers in the emirate of Abu Dhabi by developing safety plans for products and controlling legal standards as well as empowering the organizational bodies and the industrial sector in the emirate of Abu Dhabi to implement product conformity programs in order to protect the public health and environment.Afterwards, Mr. Anas Jawdat Al Barghouthi, Executive Director of the Consumer and Market Services Sector at the Council, has made a presentation on the session subject matter. He talked about the QI concept as a system with technical potentials used in the developed countries with a view to raise the quality level of products imported, exchanged and exported, and to protect the economic markets and sectors and the consumers and finally to empower the countries enter the global commerce chain.Al Bargouthi explained the steps followed by the emirate of Abu Dhabi to achieve QI, referring to a number of studies specialized in quality evaluation,while manufactured products in the country are not first-ranked products in the world. This poses big challenge for the Council, in the next phase, to develop quality infrastructure with a view to support local exports. He went on to introduce the Council’s objectives which include a wide range of responsibilities aiming  to develop and implement quality infrastructure and protect consumers in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. This will be possible by developing safety plans for products and controlling legal standards as well as empowering the organizational bodies and industrial sector in the emirate to implement product conformity programs in order to protect the public health and the environment. While explaining the QI concept in the emirate of Abu Dhabi as a primary requirement to enter global economy according to the Economic Vision 2030, Al Barghouthi explained that the Council seeks to create a stable and diversified economy based on high-added-value activities and to encourage special projects and investment spirit which creates more economic opportunities for everyone. Mr. Anas Al Barghouthi pointed out that the Council offers necessary services aiming at facilitating commercial transactions and building statistics databases as well as carrying out economic and social researches and studies and developing quality infrastructures. He went on to say that quality infrastructure is a system with technical potentials used in developed countries. Such systemresults in raising quality levels of imported, exchanged and exported products. Specifications constitute a fundamental element of quality infrastructure. It is the process of setting unified optional or mandatory standards that determine the technical specifications, standards and practices related to products, services, systems, orindividual competences. Add to that the conformity assessment, which is a set of procedures that determines whether the product, service, or individual competence is in compliance with specified standards, specifications and systems, in addition to the adoption, standards, inspection, and market control. He added that quality infrastructure contributes in protecting consumers and economic sectors in the emirate of Abu Dhabi against globalization challenges. This poses a big challenge for the Council to remove commercial obstructions,especially when it comes to unmanufactured, unexamined or unlicensed technical products exports in accordance with the adopted standards. He further said that the other challenge faced by the Council is to limit the poor-quality imported products that are incompliant with safety specifications, and which can be dangerous to consumers.   “We work on ameliorating and enhancing our exportsthrough the development of the quality infrastructure in Abu Dhabi, and consequently the increase of local export volume and the ability to compete”, he pointed out. Furthermore, he declared that ADQCC provides its services for different concerned bodies. These are: the industrial sector, consumers, suppliers, retail stores, organization parties, special laboratories. On his part, Abdulla Hassan Al Muaini, Head of the Consumer Protection Services Department at the Council, has made a presentation. In the presentation, he declared that ADQCC supports and empowers the organization bodies and the private sector in the emirate through six main activities. These are: the specifications, conformity programs, consumer safety, standard and inspection infrastructure, as well as the legal standards. Al Muaini said that the Council’s Market Surveillance Centerhas carried out technical check and inspection of more than 1526 scales in more than 1517 jewellery stores, perfume shops, and retail stores in Abu Dhabi. He pointed out that consumer protection services will include, in the future, the inspection of toys, chemical products, cosmetics, and other electrical devices. He further declared that an awareness campaign was launched to support the Market Surveillance Center activities targeting consumers, merchants, and manufacturers. He also introduced the plan of establishingthe Abu Dhabi Metrology Centre,which is considered as a support tool to help the emirate of Abu Dhabi enter the global markets by ensuring accurate measurement results, in accordance with the international specifications, and referential standards, adopted by metrology labs. He mentioned that the Metrology Centre will provide measurement, calibration and examination services, as it will issue conformity certificates related to the measurement tools and provide technical consulting services for the industrial sector.
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