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Abu Dhabi DED Signs MoU with PSUAD

Sunday, June 02, 2013
The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) signed today at the Abu Dhabi Economic Press Club a memorandum of understanding with Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD) aimed at the exchange of educational and academic information, expertise, research, and studies and the transfer of knowledge to and the theoretical and practical training of graduates. The agreement also seeks to reinforce participation in events and activities organised by both parties.The MoU was signed by Muhammad Omar Abdullah, ADDED chairman, on behalf of the department, and by Professor Eric Fouache, PSUAD Vice-Chancellor. The event was attended by a number of distinguished figures representing the two institutions.Following the signing ceremony, H.E. Muhammad Omar Abdullah asserted ADDED’s keenness to strengthen cooperation and partnership with prestigious academic institutions such as the Sorbonne. Such efforts fall within the scope of the department’s responsibilities and duties in meeting the goals and objectives of Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 towards building a knowledge-based economy.Abdullah highlighted that ADDED is working in collaboration with its public- and private-sector strategic partners, including educational and academic institutions, to devise economic policies, develop economic plans, and create an advanced legislative environment for economic activity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi within a comprehensive framework of joint cooperation and coordination with all relevant stakeholders.He reiterated that the desired strategic goals and plans for the economic and development sector cannot be fully achieved without the participation of qualified nationals, armed with knowledge and education, capable of assuming responsibilities and rising to the challenge. This prompted the department to enter into strategic partnerships with world-class academic institutions such as PSUAD, which has become one the most prominent educational platforms and a key part of the UAE’s higher education system.Pr. Eric Fouache, PSUAD Vice-Chancellor, considered the strategic partnership with ADDED a great honour and emphasised the university’s keenness to offer all forms of educational and academic support and to contribute to training competent nationals to assume a leading role in fulfilling the Abu Dhabi Government’s goals and Economic Vision 2030. “We are pleased with this strategic cooperation that translates the university’s objectives in securing prominent roles for the UAE nationals armed with the best education tools to serve the country’s vision. We are committed to Abu Dhabi vision 2030 to support UAE’s economic diversification and offer programmes that bridge the gaps in the job market. Our objective is to mould the students, with the highest potential, into future leaders in their disciplines. With 30% of our total students body being UAE Nationals, we are confident that our students will benefit from this cooperation to find internship and recruitment opportunities at ADDED”.  He saidPr. Fouache affirmed that PSUAD strives to promote the academic scene in the UAE, particularly in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as part of its higher education strategy, by disseminating world-class instruction through its distinguished academic programmes which have contributed to the university’s significant growth and to growing demand by UAE nationals especially for graduate study.He indicated that PSUAD endeavors to prepare UAE students to respond to labour market demands and advance the level of education across various fields, in addition to building the performance and skills of graduates through summer internships. He asserted that the MoU signed with ADDED is a translation of the joint objectives of both parties.The two parties agreed to select eligible PSUAD students to intern at ADDED. During the internship, ADDED will evaluate the students to choose the brightest among them for positions at the department. PSUAD will provide lists of fresh graduates to ADDED in order to give them priority in job interviews.According to the MoU, PSUAD students will participate in internal and external ADDED events related to economic, social, environmental, recreational, sports, and national goals, whereas the university will supply ADDED with information about academic opportunities at PSUAD that may interest department staff towards further specialization and educational and academic training.In order to follow up on the implementation of the MoU’s terms, the parties agreed to form a joint committee to monitor compliance with the agreed provisions. The committee will feature six members, with equal representation from both parties. The committee is entitled to create sub-committees to undertake joint events and activities in various areas in accordance with the agreement.
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